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We wear our stories on our skin.

Make sure yours celebrates all the bits that make you perfectly… you. 

We’re funny things, you and I. Creatures of habit, we thrive off routines. It doesn’t matter how much of a spontaneous, free spirited skydiver you like to think yourself, habits keep us grounded. 

But, we’re also fickle beings. And just as one day we wake up and decide today’s the day we kick ourselves into gear, tomorrow comes and we’ve forgotten about the promises we made about changing our life with our shiny new ten-step skincare and wellness routine.

Ahh well. What’s a few more lines? A couple more breakouts? Better luck tomorrow, right? 

Yeah, no. You deserve more than that. 

At Life HQ, we’re changing the way you think about your skin health. We’re a no-nonsense, down-to-earth duo with a serious knack for creating crazy good skincare without the fluff. Oh, and we’re pretty darn qualified to do it too!

We love our smile lines. Here’s how we got them:

To us, the secret to longevity is in living simply. 

We’ve already got everything we need to create magic, so it baffles us that mainstream media tells us we need to turn to mass production and artificial sources to create skincare. At Life HQ Wellness, formulate superior quality, clean skincare using only the finest Australian botanicals and plant based ingredients. It’s basically the closest thing you can get to bottling that magic we mentioned earlier. 

Now, no one likes to toot their own horn, but let’s be real: you’re here because you want to know what makes us different from everyone else claiming to have the best solution to your skin woes. 

It’s simple really. We love what we do. We love that you’re here. And we genuinely care about giving you the knowledge, confidence and solutions to help you glow naturally every day. 

We’re a mother - daughter duo with extensive backgrounds in skincare, clinical practice and allied health. With a combined 50+ years of professional experience, we’re so proud to be sharing our love of natural skincare and holistic wellness with our community. 


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Meet the team

Here at Life HQ Wellness, we’re all about empowering you to embrace your story – where you’ve been, how it’s shaped your life and brought you to where you are today.

So, it’s only fair that we share ours too – right?

Krystle Gourvelos

B.HSc. Comp Med (Chiro) and Master Comp. Med (Chiro), Post Grad Cert App. Kin., Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Hypnotherapist, Lifecoach, Spinal Energetics.

Life HQ Wellness Co-Founder.

Ex-Chiropractor. Self-Love Advocate.

I like my coffee bulletproof, my clients confident, and my life aligned.

As if being a young girl isn’t hard enough, my parents divorced when I was just seven. With little concept of the world, I blamed myself, and the instinctive self criticism that comes with being a woman kicked off early. 

Childhood is rough.

My experience as a wallflower led to pretty severe comparisonitis, which was only heightened in high school. Everyone around me seemed self assured, confident and completely at ease with themselves. Not to mention, all the girls in my grade were everything I wanted to be, but could never actually grasp. Now, of course, I realise my quest to be skinnier, taller and smarter was just a completely ridiculous cycle of self sabotage! But at the time, it was all consuming.

Turns out, adolescence is rough too.

It wasn’t all bad though. I discovered pretty early on I’m a lover of learning.

So when I finished school, I went on to study Health Science and became a chiropractor. Later, my understanding of the interconnectedness of our mind and body was enriched through postgraduate studies in Professional Applied Kinesiology and Neurolinguistics (the study of how the brain responds to language). I also studied hypnotism and am a qualified life coach. My formal studies gave me the wealth of knowledge I needed to embrace my purpose and support other women to find and enjoy a fulfilled, balanced life. 

Now a mother to two rambunctious boys, my mission at home is pretty simple: to raise good humans who value health, positive relationships and live fulfilling lives. Actually, that’s pretty much my mission in business too! Now, I get to take that driving force and impart it on the women we connect with here at Life HQ Wellness. It’s an honour, a privilege, and it gets me out of bed every morning. 


Yeah, this is the good stuff. 

I’m here to teach, treat and take every moment for the beauty it offers.

I was probably one of those girls Krystle used to look at and quietly hate in high school. See, my skin was naturally pretty good. And so, I was pretty complacent in return. 

Until, it wasn’t. 

I was served a 5 year dose of humble pie in my early twenties, when my skin was ravaged by the cruelty that is Adult Acne. Crushed by angry skin, I turned to modern medicine and mainstream skincare routines. After years of trial and error, I finally lost faith and gave up on damaging my insides for the sake of two days reprieve from breakouts. 

I took back control.

After working as a Beauty Therapist for two decades, I undertook studies to become a Dermal Clinician. Despite celebrating my 40th Birthday during this shift, there was no ‘slowing down’ on my part! I began making my mark on the skincare industry as an educator, formulator and regulator.

I’ve enriched my practice as a remedial skincare expert over the past four decades

as a pivotal member of panels responsible for developing professional standards in clinical skincare, laser application and skin disorder treatment. 

I guess you could say I’m pretty in love with what I do. 

Finding something that makes your heart sing is a feeling I hope all women get to experience. For me, it meant juggling 6.5 day work hours in clinic and parenting my delicious child for 35 years really didn’t feel like a hustle at all. It was life in the fast lane, and just the way I liked it. 

Until one day, I discovered an unusually prominent wrinkle in the mirror. 

It sounds vain, but that tiny age line set me on a trajectory. I once again returned to the books and dove deep into the ways lifestyle impact ageing. I invested time in slowing down, decluttering (both my mind and my world) and becoming present. It’s this approach which guides my role at Life HQ Wellness, where I get to touch the lives of women all around the world and help them to find purpose, clarity and space in their lives. 

I’ve got more wrinkles now, but I like to think each is a reminder of a life well lived. 

COnnie Gourvelos


Life HQ Wellness Co-Founder.

Ex-Dermal Clinician. Educator.

Research and Development superstar.

The Life HQ Wellness Philosophy

Embrace your story

Your personal story means there’s more to you than meets the eye. It’s your story that shapes each of your inner mindset, health and self-love elements.

Nourish your body

As science would have it, what we think, eat and put on our skin all affects our entire wellbeing. Stay tuned for inner health, nourishing treats from us...

Enrich your soul

When we truly embrace our own personal narratives, nourish our bodies and get serious about self-lovin’, that’s where the magic is. Our clean beauty essentials simply accentuate you.

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“I feel better all round!”

“Life HQ has helped me in all aspects of my life - physical, mental and well being. They are a lovely team of people and I've had the best results since seeing them! I feel better all round and have continued to improve. This practise comes highly recommended.”

Joanna Parmegiani

“The staff really care”

“The best thing I have ever done is go to Life HQ! The staff are amazing and really care about improving all aspects of your health. I could not recommend them more highly!!”

Sarah O’Halloran