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Ever been stuck in a mind funk you just can’t shake? You know the one. Clouds fog your thoughts, your insides starts its own soundtrack. Then – as if out of nowhere, your skin begins breaking out.

Maybe those breakouts aren’t so sudden for you. Instead, they linger for weeks, months – heck, years – on end. To make matters worse, you’ve got that friend with perfect skin (so do we – damn them).

Perhaps those long afternoons spent out in the sun are catching up on you, or you’re noticing *POOF* more fine lines appearing quicker than usual.

And, even though popular media would like you to believe that a quick fix formula exists (AKA some miracle cream you pop on, then watch all your worries fade away) – it doesn’t. And you know it  – because you’ve tried a bunch.

But what if your skin’s breakouts are trying to send you secret messages (like telling you important things about your insides)? Well actually, that’s exactly what we (and a whole bunch of scientists) believe it’s doing. 

Our bodies are interconnected on multiple levels.

It’s time we started treating them that way.

We practice dermapsychology to best treat stressed skin.

This can present as acne, sensitivity, fine lines and more.

Our philosophy is simple:

It makes sense that putting goop on skin isn’t going to fix all our problems. Our bodies are intricate and interconnected – but when our routines encompass all areas, our solutions are far simpler.

Do you want:

  • To feel more confident in your skin?
  • Real, nourishing skincare solutions from nature’s most effective ingredients?
  • To repair damaged cells that may have resulted in pigmentation and fine lines?
  • To stop comparing your skin with those around you?

We did too, so we founded Life HQ Wellness.

(You can thank us later)

Making nourishing health accessible to all.


Meet the team

Here at Life HQ Wellness, we’re all about empowering you to embrace your story – where you’ve been, how it’s shaped your life and brought you to where you are today.

So, it’s only fair that we share ours too – right?

The Life HQ Wellness Philosophy

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