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Nurture your true essence

Allow yourself to truly surrender, honour & look after you - in all aspects of your mind, your body & your aesthetics and in the best way possible.

Made & owned in Melbourne, Australia by a supportive, quirky and highly, clinically experienced mother and daughter team. Using only the highest quality Australian, certified organic and non-toxic ingredients as well as being cruelty free & vegan, the results, in and out of clinic, speak for themselves.

We believe that modern women all around the world need to love themselves more with quality products they can use that are therapeutic, instil positive mindset, confidence and a fearless outlook on life.

True life happiness begins only with you. 

Testimonials from some amazing women!

I can only say positive things about the Life HQ skincare line!  The range is perfect for my sensitive, combination skin and I only need a small amount of any product at one time, so it lasts for ages.  I have noticed that my skin is more even and clear, and even at the end of the day it is not oily or dry.  My absolute favourite is Luxe 2, as it's perfect for an added boost of moisture and care throughout the week.  Plus it smells amazing!

Sarah Elizabeth

I have been using the HQ Skin Collection products for a few weeks now and I am OBSESSED! Luxe 1 & 2 are life-changing! x

Asha P - Founder Gold Coast Girls in Business

After using HQ Skin Collection my skin feels so much more hydrated and moisturised compared to before! I love the fresh, dewy skin look and feel!

Louise K - Client for over 5years

Not only does the HQ Skin care range smell great, the Freedom cleanser is hydrating, effective and doesn't strip my skin! Because my skin is so dry, Luxe 1 serum together with the Hydrating fluid keeps my skin refreshed all day even in harsh environments and I don't need to reapply.

Meredith P

The LifeHQ Wellness Woman

She is the epitome of her highest self.

She nurtures herself.

For she is the confident woman with attitude and carries herself with grace.