Why Kakadu Plum Extract is what you need for your skin AND body!

Who would've thought that the humble Kakadu plum, native to Australia, would be a powerful and antioxidant rich fruit that has the highest recorded Vitamin C levels in any plant in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Yes, you read that correctly, in the world!

When we think of Vitamin C, there are generally 2 things that come to mind - oranges and warding off colds and flu. And you would be right! But there is SO much more to this little plum.

Firstly, it contains 100x more Vitamin C than Oranges. Bye bye oranges. There are food-grade powders you can purchase from your local health food store to add to your daily meals and super charge your vitamin C intake!

Secondly, because of it's high vitamin C content, Kakadu Plum, or Gubinge or Tropical almond, as it is also known, can reduce fine lines and age spots. Vitamin C supports collagen production within the body and skin and consistent use will help to keep skin smooth, health and supply. It also reduces hyper-pigmentation and can prevent and slow down damage from our environment. 

The plum also contains various minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that nourish and liven your skin!

These are 2 very good reasons we used certified organic Kakadu Plum extract in our products - not only are they Australian ( we love that!), but they are highly effective in building up your skins inner layers to help your outer layer shine through!

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