What to do when you're stuck in a mental rut: 4 steps to evolving into happiness.

We know what it's like - things come up, we allow them to become an issue and then it brings us down mentally, spiritually and before you know it you're on the couch devouring something you probably shouldn't (but justify it somehow).

Whilst we feel it's totally okay to just sit in your emotions and just feel; this is very healthy and you need to allow yourself the space and time to process the emotions, eventually, you will need to step up into a new level of yourself and remove the negative thought patterns that allowed you to end up in the fetal position on the couch in the first place.

You see, happiness, is strictly our own responsibility. True happiness doesn't come from an outside source - no amount of money, fame or liquid chocolate will ever make your soul truly happy. If you are seeking pure happiness but aren't really sure how to get there, our 4 step process below can help you discover new levels of yourself that will literally lead you to happiness.

We use these steps ourselves to work through issues; there's always something that comes up that we haven't dealt with, and 100% of the time, it's helped us up-level our thinking and slowly over the years we've become happier within ourselves.

Put Pen To Paper
There is something magical about putting pen to paper - no laptops or no recording devices in sight. When doing this, at the top of the page, write down what the issue or concern is and then let your mind dictate the conversation. Literally just start writing whatever comes to your head. You might find that what you end up writing about isn't what you started with, and thats okay - this is what we call 'stream on consciousness' writing. You just let it happen by itself.

Work Through The Problem
When reading back through your writing you can add more to certain parts where you feel it's needed. It's important to look at all angles, situations and perspectives of everyone involved, including 'the other person'. This is where the magic is. Seeing all perspectives should allow you to see the situation with compassion and love. Correction, you need to allow yourself to see the situation through these lenses. If you can't, there's a deeper issue that you need to address first.

Intention Setting
Within your writing, you will see elements and concepts show up - you don't need to be a professional see these, they will stand out like a sore thumb. Things like - victim mindset, self-loathing.. there's a few that are generally the most common. When you see these, write them down. You will more than likely end up with a decent list - Connie and I had at least 4 or 5 ranging from the above to things like, morality & dignity. Now, take the concept and form an intention around it - for example, if you had 'lack of self love' - make a sentence around it that changes the way you think about it.. "Each and everyday, I act in honour of myself: my mind, my body, my food, my appearance and my own self-appreciation". Everyday from now, you need to write this sentence down and every other sentence you come up with from within your writing.

Allow The Shift..
Writing these sentences down each and everyday will actually have you acting towards their fruition without really realising. The more you write them down, the more you start to believe them (they are already true, but past conditioning has us thinking otherwise). Both Connie and I find this works best for us to do at night - however, you might find first thing in the morning works best for you - experiment and see! You need to allow yourself to shift - we can't really explain what the shift feels like, but you just know - you start to think a little differently, act differently and prioritise things differently. This is the up level, this is where your happiness lies.

Give this a try, , and please let us know how you went with it. It may seem a little far fetched to you, but you can actually achieve happiness working through some of your frustrating issues with this format. Connie and I have done it successfully multiple times over.

Remember, just like anything else in your life that matters, it requires work & honesty with yourself.. the results though, are truly worth it!

Connie & Krystle xo

P.S - If you are receiving professional help, this is not intended to substitute your sessions. It is designed to be an add-on or something you may use in the future to work through other surrounding problems.

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