The perfect Sunday night skin ritual..

There's a sure-fire way to get your skin looking tip-top by Monday morning! We swear by this routine on a weekly basis, sometimes even twice a week, especially in winter where the dryness is inevitable.

Start by cleansing your face with HQ Freedom realllllly well. Keep adding water to your fingers as you gently but thoroughly massage in circles all around your skin - your jaw line, your hair-line, in the creases of your nose and mouth and even through your eye brows (you'd be surprised at how much gunk ends up in your brows!).

Rinse the cleanser off really well - get your fingers involved and keep rinsing until you can't feel any cleanser on your face. Prepare some HQ Expel in a small bowl so it's on the thicker side. You really don't need much water for this - maybe 1/2 teaspoon water to 1teaspoon of Expel. Mix well and apply all over your face and down your neck too. Wet your fingers and start massaging - you'll feel the grit work against your skin - be careful not to massage too hard but enough that you exfoliate your skin.

Once you've worked the scrub around your face - leave it alone to let it set on your skin for at least 20minutes... *bath & meditation time!*

Rinse off the Expel REALLY well, you may like to use a face washer. Pat your skin dry and apply HQ Luxe 1 all over your face and then apply a small amount of Luxe 2. By the morning, this combination will make your skin feel as though you've had sprinklers on your face all night - seriously smooth and hydrated to the max!

You'll be more than ready to smash your Monday goals, even ask for a raise AND close those deals all before lunchtime.

A confident woman uses confident skincare.

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