Help Your Skin Handle Summer

Summer is well and truly here in Australia, and it can be so common for some skin issues to start flaring up as the heat intensifies over these hotter months. From sweat filled pores to dry skin, everyone will react differently, but there are a few key things we can do to give our skin a little helping hand.

Water, water and more water

Does it even need to be said? Actually, we think it does! It seems like an absolute no brainer that we need to be guzzling down the water, but it can be SO easy to forget. How many times do you hear a friend gasping and saying ‘Oh, I have not drunk enough water today’. Our best tip for this is pick up a water bottle that you like the look of, make sure it is insulated (warm water is not pleasant in 35+ degree heat) and keep it glued to you. Carry it everywhere, even around the house as you move between rooms. If you get bored, add some fruit to flavour it, like lemon and lime. Make it a habit and your skin will thank you for it. 

Use light products 

Look, sweat and moisturiser are NOT friends, but sweat and heavy moisturisers are sworn enemies. When it starts to heat up, you don’t want to keep reaching for your thick winter moisturiser that takes about three hours to sink in. Try opting for a light moisturiser or serum that is nutrient dense and easily absorbed. This will go a long way in avoiding clogged pores plus the quick absorption will mean it actually does its job instead of being wiped away with the sweat. 


Get your exfoliation ON. Let’s be real, exfoliation is probably one of the first things to drop off your routine across the week as life gets in the way or we are too tired at night. But this is crucial in the hot months, the heat will only make your skin break out if the dry skin hasn’t been smoothed away. Don’t get too abrasive though, we don’t want you to start sandpapering your beautiful, sun-kissed face. Our pick? Drench, it exfoliates in a way you have never experienced before, and it's perfect for summer skin! It also features aloe, which is easily our number one summer must have ingredient! 

All in all? Be kind to your skin, take care of your body and get back to basics to take control of your skin this summer. 


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