Confession: We have a serious crush on Lilly Pilly berries!

Yet another Native Australian superfood that is replacing the traditional, non-natural vitamin additions in skin, body & health care overall.

The Lilly Pilly, shaped like a pear, has huge antioxidant properties - stop!

Whats an antioxidant..? and why do I need it in my life..?

Simply, antioxidants are naturally occurring substances in foods that help or prevent cell damage by 'oxidants'. Oxidants come from the environment (foods, alcohol, sugars, stresses, environmental stressors, smoking etc) but they are also produced in your body to help keep viruses and microbes away - too many oxidants however, can and have been shown to cause serious diseases.

Vitamin A, C & E are examples of antioxidants - but instead of adding man-made, processed versions of these super vitamins, they are already naturally present in high concentrations in Lilly Pilly berries! WIN!

These little yummy berries also have amino acids which are the building blocks to protein. These acids stimulate the skin cells to produce more elastin and collagen, the building blocks needed to keep your skin structurally sound, supple and smooth. 

Not only will you benefit from these berries in your skin care, but you will also benefit from actually eating or adding them to your food. They are an amazing immune booster and add a natural sweetness.

We use Lilly Pilly in HQ Skin Collection because they have huge multi-level benefits for you and contain all the goodness you need for incredible skin (and incredible health). What more could you actually want..?

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