Clearer, healthier skin from the inside!

We use so many external products on our body and skin, knowing, that if they are high-quality and toxin-free, that they will clear up a lot of the blemishes, improve the dullness, texture and tone of our skin. But rarely do we consider that if these issues continue to be a prevalent concern, that perhaps we should be looking at what we're putting INTO our body. 

It has long been known that 'diet' plays an important part of our overall health, but recently, it has been shown that it also plays a huge part in our appearance and also our mindset - but lets concentrate on the appearance part here. If you still think that what you eat doesn't affect you in more ways than just your weight or medical health, get your head out of the sand!

There are a couple of key foods that play a key part in the deterioration of our body and skin - namely, highly refined sugary foods & simple carbohydrates. In excess, these foods can really alter your gut flora which in turn increases stress inside your body, has the ability to alter your mood status and, more to the point, destroys the collagen and elastin fibres that are spread all around your body - and skin! Just as an add-on, increased stress in your body will also affect your skins appearance. 

These foods will age you more and a lot faster. If you find yourself consuming them regularly, you'll find that your skin treatments won't hold as well, or your results will take a lot longer to appear. In clinic, we find that those who are conscious of their daily diet and enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables & drink water, often have the best results with all skin treatments and also physical treatment as well. 

So, how do you identify and begin to eliminate or slow down on these foods? Start by identifying any packaged foods you consume - this can include muesli bars, lunches and dinners in a packet, sugars in coffee and tea & sugary drinks (including energy drinks). Start by slowing down on these first - overall, you should start to actually feel better, clearer & lighter within a week. And your skin..? It should definitely start to at least look better with some blemishes clearing up. Excess sugar will also feed any breakouts, most of the time making them worse, so the quicker you can eliminate the excess sugar, the quicker your breakouts will settle.

Start today and help your skin thrive!

(Disclaimer - we love donuts too, but we value our skin and body more haha!)

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