Change the way you think in 7days!

It's so easy to say to someone - 'Stay positive', 'keep thinking happy thoughts', 'stop being so negative'.. but at the end of the day, actually applying and following through with these things will only come from the person themselves and it's completely up to them to actually do that work.

And we all try. But how do we try..? Is it just a matter of continual reminders? Or perhaps something that needs to be ingrained in us for a long time..?

A habit is only created when you do something for a consistent period of time, and this goes for anything - as we know - from diet, to exercise to life. The same also applies for changing your mindset to something that will help you thrive instead of just survive. It's a lot easier than you may think and doesn't involved you staying in a meditative state for hours on end every day - not that we wouldn't love this, but hey, it's not as practical in our day and age.

It doesn't take much to get started either - sometimes that may be the one thing you need - to just get started and you're off! There's 2 things you'll need - a pen and diary. That's it. There's something a little magical about writing down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, it makes it official and will act as a form of therapy.

If you can commit to doing the following for 7days straight your are going to see some small changes creep in. When we say commit, we meant it.. all in, 100% no holds barred, no holding back at all. As these changes creep in, allow them to, don't resist them. If you really want to alter your mindset, you need to let down your guard, and your ego.

1. Journal! Now, don't roll your eyes, I do realise you're not 10years old.. but.. this very simple and effective practice WILL help you to determine exactly where you need to shift your mindset. Start by journalling for 15mins on anything that you are currently thinking about - just get it all out on paper and off your chest.

2. Set your intentions every night just before you head to sleep. Start every one of your intention sentences with "I am..". For example; I am a strong confident woman, I am eating to nourish my body everyday, I am not worried by other peoples opinions etc. For every single one you write down, truly believe it. 

3. Make a list of your non-negotiable things you want to do for yourself. It could be doing 15mins of exercise every day, to meditate every morning before you walk out of your bedroom, to practice yoga, to do breathing exercise to start your day. It could be anything you feel that is of value to you. Now, this is probably the one you will feel the most guilty for doing, especially if you have others in your household that depend on you for something (kids/husband/parent), because you will see yourself as being selfish. 

We're respectfully challenging you on this thought - why is it considered selfish to essentially refill your own cup before you tend to others..? It's a beautiful thing to help others, however, and this will go for the majority of women, the moment you switch out looking after yourself for looking after someone else tells you, subconsciously, that you are essentially not worthy enough to warrant looking after. Is this really the case..? 

Self worth starts and ends with you. Changing the way you think about everything in your life starts with changing the way you think about YOU. Speaking out, staying strong, valuing yourself enough to look and feel great in what you are wearing, putting that red lipstick on when you are just running errands - all of this speaks volumes from your mouth to your ears! (and by no means are we saying that make-up and lipstick should make all the difference to your self worth, but hey, a bold red lip is pure fire!)

7 days, 3 steps, every single day without fail. Journalling, Intention setting, Non-negotiables. Get started tonight!

Have the confidence to put yourself first each day and watch your life and thoughts magically change.

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