HQ Skin Collection - Skincare with ease.

Creating our own skin care has been a long-time dream of ours. We have had lots of experience with so many different products in the last 30 years - some we've used on ourselves, others we've used in-clinic. But nothing quite compares to bringing together our vision of luxurious, simple and effective self-care. It's been designed for the confident woman who has a busy lifestyle that requires trusted and toxin-free products to help her throughout her day!

Throughout the years, we have seen many brands come and go - brands with products that had absolutely phenomenal results, but slowly over the years, would change their ingredient list to more & more chemical based substances. Eventually, the results stopped and the irritations began! Connie saw it so often in-clinic, she stopped using all products that contained any sort of irritating ingredients.

It is industry norm to use harsh acids and artificial ingredients in products - and yes, whilst you might get results from that - they can also be highly toxic with many cancer causing agents, endocrine modulators (change the way your hormones work) and also petroleum based.. *raising eyebrows*. 

The basic principle of HQ Skin Collection is that it's simple to use, it's toxin-free, we use plant based substances where appropriate and is actually effective on your skin. As women (and men), we want to feel confident, self-worthy and able to feel completely at ease, not only within ourselves, but with what we are using on our skin because of the basic principles listed above.

We've taken the worry out of what you're actually putting on your skin & we've tested it in-clinic with AMAZING results. Our patients saw results very quickly and continue to see improvements in their skin, even more so now between treatments than in the past.

The thing that's made us even happier..? Our patients are coming in exuding a high-level of confidence, they are feeling great about being able to use self-care at home in a way that invigorates & relaxes them at the same time. This, above all else is exactly what we stand for.

We really want you to enjoy the simplicity of this range and experience the high-vibe shift when you use it!


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