Skin Myths Busted - which ones are lies & which one is truth..?!

In todays over saturated beauty market, it's easy to get swept up in the idea that results can happen overnight - without the side-effects.

The idea that the harshest and most abrasive products are king and that there is only one way to clean your face properly - is rife, and it's causing issues for your skin now, and will be for the next few years!

1. Chemical Peels are the best exfoliators for your skin - WRONG!

No. Just like we shouldn't put bleach on our skin to clean it, we shouldn't be using chemicals to exfoliate our skin. There is no need to burn your facial skin off to reveal your beauty underneath. It is quite an archaic exfoliative process and one that will strip and dry the skin out (eventually leading to more and more oil build up). After using these in clinic for years - with varying results, we now use fruit extracts and natural physical exfoliators in clinic and in our products to get much better results overall and OVER TIME (this is key!). This way, we can improve the structure of the skin and feed it the right food, instead of stripping it completely. Remember, your skin is a live organ just like your heart - toxins, chemical and sub-standard care will over time destroy your skin.


2.  A gel cleanser is the best to clean off make up and keep your skin clean - WRONG

Sorry, no! Gel cleansers can contain quite harsh detergents and ingredients that are quite toxic - which is exactly why you get that 'stripey squeaky clean' feeling on your face. Side note: when we wash dishes with detergent, we feel for the dishes to be squeaky clean before we acknowledge that they are clean - this however, does not apply to your skin! We have become accustomed to think that squeaky clean applies to everything in our life. But not our skin; it requires a gentler approach as stripping the skin of its natural oils (which is what gel cleansers generally do), will only lead to more oil being produced, more break outs, and early ageing. This is the exact reason we created a cream cleanser, for gentle but thorough cleansing. If used correctly, the HQ Freedom Cleanser will remove ALL make up and leave your skin soft, hydrated and nourished!

3. Many commercial products are designed create micro-injuries - TRUTH

SURPRISE! A lot of commercial products you probably have in your bathroom vanity have ingredients in them that are meant to create a micro-injury in your skin. Why? Micro-injuries stir up the bodys' immune system and as a reflex, the body will send more nutrients, blood and good stuff to the injury to help it heal. This will create NEW skin cells which is exactly what you want in the long run - a continual flow of new skin cells to keep you looking fresh and supple. We use this concept in clinic when we are trying to get big changes in your skin - it is done safely, in a controlled environment and supplemented with a MASS amount of nutrients straight after in-clinic and also at home.

The problems start when these injury-causing ingredients - 

A. Aren't coupled with the ones that give your skin the nutrients it needs (apart from nutrients coming from the body).

B. Are over-used and abused which is intensely common - the main culprit being Vitamin A & C derivatives.

The long-term goal is to look after your skin and yourself - results that happen overnight, usually have side-effects that come with them. 

Did you learn something from this..?

Have any questions..? Let us know!

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