100% certified organic - not as effective as you think!

It's so common these days to find 100% certified organic skin care - it's all the rage and that's all good and well. We've come to want skin care in general to be less toxic, less irritating, less chemical laden because it better for our bodies.

Whilst it's a great path to be travelling, we need to also remember that our skin care needs to be effective! 99% of us use skin care to actually target something.. true..?!

Ask any cosmetic chemist, and they'll tell you that the more certified organic a product is, the LESS effective it is for the skin.

Wait what...?!

Yep, what you read. It is impossible to get a 100% certified organic product that actually does something for your skin (except in very certain cases - such as our Luxe 2 or Expel). For example, Vitamin B5 - you would THINK that this is an organic ingredient..? No, it's actually man-made. So any product that contains Vitamin B5, cannot be classed as certified organic.

This is not a bad thing. It's normal to have some man-made ingredients in products as this is the ONLY way they are available - the processing of the ingredient needs to be on par also and that it's non-toxic/non-irritating. It's also desirable to have lots of plant-based ingredients too - for obvious reasons! If you see some man-made ingredients in products, don't always assume that they are bad - there are loads of them that are non-irritating and toxin-free and perfectly safe to use on the skin & body. 

HQ Skin Collection will never be 100% certified organic because we want our products to be effective for your skin. Having come from a clinical background where patients come to see us to get a desired result, we want those results to be available through our skin care also. We will always source plant-based, certified organic ingredients as well as naturally-occurring ingredients to be used as part of our range, as long as they are processed correctly (excessive heat or chemical processing will destroy the goodness)! So you can sleep at night knowing that whatever has gone into our products has done so for a reason and not to act as a filler or irritant.


Connie & Krystle x


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